Unconference – a meeting where almost anything goes!

The purpose of an unconference is to bring important issues to the surface, discuss and examine problems from new perspectives, all in an informal atmosphere.

Unconference – only on Wednesday 23 October

We have picked two headings to start the ball rolling

  • Unconference 1: Permits in the wind power process
  • Unconference 2: Off-shore wind power

Now it´s up to you! What issues close to your heart would you like to raise? Would you like an in-depth discussion about the rules relating to protection of species, consider the role of the military, or perhaps the municipal veto? Do you feel that there is a clear need to sort out the roles of the regions, make off-shore wind power a standard power source, or make everyone understand the potential of environmental technology exports? We´ve picked the headings, but it is up to you and the other participants to set the agenda. So if you have a burning interest in something, it is time to write a passionate speech and kick-start the discussion.

The basic rules are as follows:

  • Everyone has the right to air their views or share their opinions
  • Don’t take anything personally – focus on the issue itself
  • You can change track/group whenever you want
  • If you would rather discuss something in the corridor – feel free to do so!

If you manage to gain support for an issue close to your heart, you may become the track leader. The track leader´s task is to start the discussion, put it into cntext and then make sure that everyone is heard. Several tracks will be running simultaneously, to ensure that as many participants as possible have the change to speak and listen.


10.25 – 11:10 Unconference, start up

We gather in Hall C, level 2, at the Waterfront, where a process leader will help us create our own agenda based on our two main headings: Permits in the wind power process and Off-shore wind power.

During this first session, you will have the opportunity to highlight issues close to your heart, so make sure you arrive fully-prepared and ready to get involved. If you do not want to bring up a specific issue but would rather contribute to discussions, this is where you will find out when and where the different subjects will be discussed.

11.15 – 12.00 Unconference, Workshop session 1

And then we´re off! We can run 6 workshops in parallel, and all you have to do is decide which group to join. If you feel that you cannot contribute anything, or that you are not learning anything new, simply move to another group. You will be like a bumblebee, flitting from one group to another with your thoughts.

13.00 – 14.00 Unconference, Workshop session 2

Now we can either continue the discussions from the morning, or move on to new subjects. You can always find the latest updated Agenda in the middle of the large Unconference room. Were you held up by a conversation in hte corridor? That´s OK as well. The important thing is that you take part in a process you feel is worthwhile for you. It´s great if you bring the energy and views from the conversation in the corridor with you to the next group.

14.00 – 15.00 Unconference, Workshop session 3

The final session! Now we have to turn as many discussions as possible into contructive proposals and ideas.  As we come to the end of  the of hte session, take a few minutes to waqlk round and check what the different groups have drawn and written on the walls.

Come along and share your expertise, experience and commitment – that is what makes for an exciting and valuable day.

We believe that this is the ideal opportunity for participants to network and discuss important issues in an informal setting. We hope that the discussions will generate concrete arguments for Svensk Vindenergi to present to councils for permit issues and off-shore wind power.

We are looking forward to seeing you!